Malia Obama Was Not Arrested!

Dont Believe Everything You Read!

A fake news report was released stating that Malia Obama, the daughter of the former President, was arrested in a drug related incident. Who ever made this foolishness did a good job, because there was a picture and everything. But if you knew where the picture was from, you’d know it was fake and her picture was cropped in. The arrest was not drug related at all. In fact it was a 2013 dog fighting ring arrest.

8 men was arrested in the 2013 incident, and i don’t think Malia was born with a penis. dog-fighting-arrests

Yes Malia has done some crazy things in the past, such as this video of her twerking at a party…

Or even this video of her smoking weed at a party…

But getting arrested, was not on her list.RTSE85V-1024x697


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