Hit And Run Leaves One 18Yr Old Girl Dead!

The Georgia State Patrol is investigating a fatal hit and run crash that killed 18-year-old Tashara Culbreathe.
Authorities said the crash happened Friday night in the 3600 block of Highway 17 located between Georgia Highway 303 and Emanuel Farm Road.

A family member of hers said she was on her way home after leaving a friend’s house at about 8:30 p.m. but never arrived at her house. The family member said a motorcyclist found Culbreathe’s body on the side of the road Saturday morning.
The family member said authorities called the Culbreathe’s mother in order to identify her.
Culbreathe was a senior at Brunswick High School and wanted to become a nurse.
The family hopes people can spread the word so that the driver will be found.


If you have any information regarding the investigation, please call the Georgia State Patrol at 912-262-2380, the Glynn County Police at 912-554-3645, or Silent Witness at 912-264-1333.

If you know something, say something!


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