15 Yr Old Alabama Teen Shot And Killed After Police Think Saxophone Is Gun?

A fake news article surfaced this week of a klan member who is also a police officer shooting this black teen.

Yes Jorevis Scruggs was killed by an officer as he was holding a saxophone. But this story is from April 2016, and Officer Sam Gatling(allege Klan member) was not the shooting officer.

Jorevis attended the Innovative Concept Academy, an alternative school in St. Louis.

The officer’s attorney, Brian Millikan, said that his client had seen Jorevis pointing a gun at him from Jorevis’ right hand while he started to run away.

“We’re not sure if the suspect fired or not, but that’s when the policeman fired,” Millikan said. “It’s perfectly consistent with a transverse shot.”

Jorevis was also a passenger inside a car , which was reported stolen one Monday night in a carjacking.
Officers spotted the car just before noon the next day and pursued it for about two minutes. Police said the driver stopped in an alley behind the 3200 block of St. Louis Avenue, between Bacon Street and Garrison Avenue, and let Jorevis and a back-seat passenger out before taking off again.

The officer was never tried or convicted.

The false article was published by TMZworldstar (or TMZuncut), so this proves media does cause a lot of issues.

RIP Jorevis Scuggs

The real article



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