18 Ways To Make Extra Free Money: Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

Here we will list 18 ways you can actually make some extra money while you’re sitting down doing nothing. And if you’re still waiting to hear from that job offer living off your last pay check or your parents pocket…Put your own money in your pocket you bum! Ha ha now what about that list?

  1. Inbox Dollar – Play games, answer questions watch videos EARN MONEY

  2. Field Agent – Use your phone to access spots near you where you can earn extra money by doing surveys, or taking pictures.

  3. Easy Shift – Like Field Agent, use your phone to access locations near you to make some free money on the spot.

  4. Walmart – Scan your receipts after leaving Walmart and ear cash back on certain items. You only have a week from the time of purchase until the receipt is no longer valid. So don’t wait!

  5. Blabber – Send text and earn money! Yeap you read that correct using this app once you send 1500 text you will earn $15. Easy money no joke!

  6. Big Time – Play games while you sit on the toilet stack up and earn you some money! Easy Peasy!

  7. Swagbucks – Watch videos, play games, answer surveys to earn cash.

  8. Userlytics – Listen to music and earn money!

  9. Usertesting – Get paid to test new websites. Usually take up to 5 – 10 min per review.

  10. Humanatics – Get paid to listen to phone calls and categorize them.

  11. Hiving – Get paid to answer surveys!

  12. Whatuserdo – Get paid to test other websites.

  13. Fiverr – Get paid to sell your stuff or get paid doing work for others.

  14. YouTube – Make a YouTube account and post videos. Once you reach 10,000 views YouTube will begin to pay you. You always wondered how those people make money, here’s how.

  15. AdSense – If you have a YouTube website you can connect your website to google AdSense and google will post ads on your website. Whenever someone clicks on it, guess what…you will be paid.

  16. WordPress –  Start a blog or website, their pretty easy. Once you’ve done so monetize it and ads will be posted on your website. And just like YouTube whenever someone clicks on those ads you will be paid.

  17. SliceThePie –  Get paid to listen to music! You listen to it everyday why not get paid for it.

  18. MusicXray – Another great place to get paid to listen to music!

Remember Everything You See ‘IS NOT A GET RICH QUCIK SCHEME”!!

If That’s What You Want You’ve Came To The Wrong Spot!


Now since that’s over, watch this video and laugh!



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