2 Soldiers…2 Deaths…2 Different Views From Trump


This is Sgt. La David Johnson. Who is reportedly killed on Oct. 4th after enemy fighters attacked with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns when Johnson and others were in unarmored pickup trucks. According to officials with the Department of Defense the other three victims of the attack were Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Washington; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio, and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Georgia.

But here’s the response the family got from President Trump after the body of Sgt Johnson was returned home:

Racism is not inherited, it’s taught!



This Is William Ryan Owens. Born March 5, 1980 and joined the service 18 years later. He served from 1998 – 2017. He was a Navy Seal Senior Chief Petty Officer apart of Seal Team Six. He died January 29, 2017 in Yemen.

“This is what he signed up for, but I guess it’s still sad”

This Will Forever Be Engraved In This Family’s Memory!

Mr. President you never seem to amaze us.

Racism is not inherited, it’s taught! So is discrimination, and violence.


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