Almost $60k For Keaton? What Was The Money For?

First, lets all be thankful that this bullying situation ended with a video. As we’ve seen in the past, whether he was black, white, red, or blue, it could have ended with suicide and/or a mass shooting. There is no evidence he called other people the N word, I believe it was concluded because their family is holding the Confederate flag. IMG_1578I genuinely believe Mr.Keaton Jones was bullied, and we here at TNL are sorry to hear that. But Ms.Kimberly Jones, took a good story, and turned it bad. It’s hard to over look her actions when she’s your mother but we do understand that we can not judge you for her actions. We hope that when you do return to school in January that your story shed some light for others. But I have a few questions of my own.


In all the history of bullying, this is the first time I’ve seen someone ask for money. So what exactly was the money for? Well MMA fighter Joe Schiling had a conversation with the mother (Kimberly Jones), and she wanted the money just to have the money. It had nothing to do with her sons pain. She used him as a plat form.



On her page she is seen holding a flag. When questioned about the flag, she stated in the video (1:40):

“I am not racist, I just thought it was funny”.


Kimberly started a Gofundme account and asked for $20,000 as sympathy for her son, well she got almost triple the asking price. After all the bad publicity, GoFundMe actually shut down her campaign. Keaton jones, 11yrs old and in the 6th grade, attends Horce Maynard Middle School in Maynardville, Tennessee.


But lets take a look at some other kids around his age who were also bullied.

10 Yr Old, Kheris Pollard 2017

Kheris Pollard


Bullied and picked on because she was darker than everyone in her class. After hearing her cries, her sister, Taylor Pollard, dressed her up, hair and make up, took some photos and put them online. The positive feed back made Kheris smile, but it also showed her, everyone wont be nice in this world, but everyone isn’t mean as well.

10 Yr Old, Jahmir Wallace 2014

Jahmir 2

Jahmir was born with no arms, so he was picked on because he was different. Although he eats, sleeps, and breath as we do, he has to use his feet to do things we do with our arms. Jahmir likes music so his mother made sure to put him in a music program and what do you know, he can play the trumpet like nobody else. Till this day Jahmir his a great role model.

10 Yr Old, April Star 2015

April Star

April was diagnosed with vitiligo, its a condition which causes you to lose pigment in your skin. As a result she was constantly picked up and pointed at in school or in the city. Her family reassures her of her beauty, and as a result April is confident she wants to be a model. September 2015, April Star got the chance to meet Winnie Harlow, the Canadian fashion model who has the same skin condition.




So Mr. Keaton what we say to you is, remember those words you said in the video, the same words you want to pass to others.

And the next time you are faced with a bully, don’t let it overtake you. But don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself an fight back as well.

Sadly you will have to deal with what your mother did more than she will but we’re glad you’re safe and look forward to seeing you improve.

And for all those who gave without hesitation, we’ll leave our paypal link below. You can donate to us as well.






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