LGBTP Courses Mandatory In Elementary California

Lesbian – Gay – Bi Sexual – Transgender – Pedosexual



When the idea of labeling your new born baby “X”, instead of Boy or Girl came about, and adding Pedosexual to the LGBT community arose, we thought, hmm how could we possibly make this worst? Well here the fuck we are. You ever heard the term “shit rolls down hill”? Well we must be on Mount Everest cause this shit been rolling for a while and keeps getting worst.

You would rather take the time to teach our babies about LGBT, than their ABC’s and 123’s.

Last year, California announced their idea to add LGBT courses to the school learning system. This year, adding P to the group, it actually came to existence. December 28, 2017, California announced there mandatory plan to teach Elementary students about the world. But yet in our high schools we’re still not taught how to file taxes, or purches a car, or ways to establish credit. Watch the clip below.




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