3 Stooges or 3 Crooks

Three women are accused of stealing from not one but 32 CVS stores throughout Miami-Dade. This scam has said to going on from April until July.

Jennifer Tejeda, 33, Crystal Pereda, 27, and her sister, Jazmin Pereda, 21, were arrested on multiple accounts of theft on July 26th & 27th. Total amount of cosmetics came out to cost over tens of thousands of dollars.

There is said to be a fourth person in the criminal act. Ihosvania Guerra-Ferrerio, 50 years old, who purchases the stolen cosmetics to resell them.

Authorities began a search warrant at Guerra-Ferrerio’s home. There they found 6,982 items, totaling $69,368.63.

But the question is, will the fourth women be found, or will the cosmetic heist continue?